When: 5/11/2010

The scene: Game 5 of the 2010 Eastern Conference Semifinals against the Celtics at home tied 2-2. A point where playoff greatness could be born. In this big game with his No. 1 seed Cleveland Cavaliers, league MVP LeBron James drops 15 points on 20 percent shooting and 14 total attempts. What the hell happened? Speculation spread like wildfire about what happened to LeBron. Did Delonte West bang his mom and make everything too awkward? Did he know he was bolting for Miami so he didn't care to give his all? Did Boston and KG psych him out and create this incredibly off game? What in the world made the apparent best basketball player on Earth turn into mush?

Verdict: We're going to go with the combo meal on this one. There's no way LeBron didn't have any sort of inkling towards him leaving Cleveland for another potential destination and it'd be hard for anybody to give their all with that in the back of their mind. At this point in his career though, it should be noted that KG and Pierce owned LeBron and the Cavs. It's also not hard to fathom their shit-talking and physical play led to the King's lackluster performance. Plus, we can't talk enough about the rest of the Cavs sucking, LeBron was so good he made Mo Williams an All-Star and they won 61 games with a group of role players and a decrepit Shaq.