When: 6/18/1985

Now this one is nothing short of sports conspiracy theorist gold. The mystery here lies in whether or not you believe in the rigging of the 1985 NBA Draft Lottery. 1985 marked the first year the NBA introduced their Lottery system. Instead of just assigning the picks based on record, teams would instead be given lottery odds based on how bad their record was. With Georgetown's Patrick Ewing up for grabs with the No. 1 pick, and what do you know, the lowly New York Knicks won the rights to draft him. Considering the great market the Knicks are in and how great Ewing was, skeptics claimed it was rigged to set up the big man in New York. One major theory was that the Knicks envelope was frozen beforehand and another theory suggested that there was a crease on it.

Verdict: There's not a shadow of doubt in our minds that David Stern fixed this Draft. It was his first Lottery, so it gave him more leeway than usual as far as the outcome and fan reaction goes. Also, the Knicks had stunk for a long time and this gave him the opportunity to give them a centerpiece to work with for years to come. This would be both incredibly profitable for the Knicks and the league as a whole and with the NBA needing a star in New York, it makes too much sense. There are videos online that dissect the actual envelope selection, but we wouldn't put anything past Stern when it comes to making his league the better.