We think coachbuilding (building unique bodies for automobiles) is coming back in style; we're seeing more and more people putting custom bodies on cool cars to create something more personal and unique, and we think that's really cool. We just wish people would be less concerned with flossing and more concerned with creating something amazing. Less will.i.am and more James Glickenhaus, is what we're saying.

To provide inspiration, we're going to show you some of the greatest cars from one of the greatest coachbuilders (and certainly the coolest ex-pat Russian cabinetmaker) of all time, Jacques Sautchik. Born in 1880, Sautchik founded his coach building company in 1906. The firm rose to fame in the 1930s thanks, in no small part, to fantastically extravagant designs for the likes of Bugatti and Delahaye. Jacques passed in 1955, the company folding soon after, leaving a legacy of automotive beauty behind. Yeah, here are The 10 Best Saoutchik Coachbuilds.