Apparently, Carmelo Anthony wasn't the only player in a salty mood after the Knicks lost to the Clippers yesterday. Kenyon Martin was also unhappy with the way the game went. And, he took it out on his former team by revealing that he doesn't think the Clips have a legitimate shot to make any real noise in the NBA Playoffs this season. Specifically, he ripped them for playing a fast-paced style of basketball that doesn't usually translate all that well in the postseason.

"You can't do it in the playoffs," he said, "so it doesn't matter. In the regular season, it's all up and down, man. We know the way the game goes in the regular season."

But, regardless of how the Clippers do in the playoffs, you can count on one thing: K-Mart won't be watching any of their games.

"I don't care what they do," he said. "I hope they lose every game. I don't care."

Well then. Why don't you tell us how you really feel, man?

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[via SLAM]