There are probably a few NBA players out there who don't like Dwyane Wade. After all, D-Wade has been involved in several dirty plays (like this one) in the past. He's also a member of the "Big 3" in Miami, which automatically makes it easy to hate him. But, hardly anyone actually comes out and speaks ill about Wade, because he's seen as one of the league's good guys. Both on and off the court, he's become an ambassador for the league.

You can miss Chris Kaman with all that "good guy" talk, though. Because, for whatever reason, the Mavericks center isn't a fan of Wade. He admitted it during a radio interview in Dallas in which he was asked about the Heat's incredible winning streak.

"I'm actually a LeBron James fan," he said. "I'm not much of a Dwyane Wade fan, but I'm a LeBron James fan. I've been watching him play, and we were in the same draft together. He's had a great career already. I don't want him to win everything, but I'm okay with the winning streak. I'm not against it or for it. I just never really got along with [Wade]. I guess I just don't like his style or whatever. I didn't like the year the Mavs lost [in the NBA Finals in 2006] when he got all the foul calls. I didn't like that."

Hmmm…okay. Seems like a strange reason to dislike a guy. But, whatever, dude. Yo, D-Wade, care to respond?

Yeah, that's what we thought.

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[via The Big Lead]