About a month ago, Rob Gronkowski caught hell from Patriots fans, NFL fans, and TMZ fans after he was spotted at a Super Bowl party in Las Vegas dancing around like a mad man and wrestling with one of his friends on stage at a nightclub. At the time, his arm was in a cast and he was recovering from a broken forearm. And, the thought was that Gronk wasn't taking his rehab process seriously enough. But, he appeared on ESPN earlier this morning to address those concerns.

"They're my fans," he said, referring to the people who criticized his partying in Sin City. "They're looking out for…they're big fans of the Patriots and they just want to see the team do well. I totally understand where the fans are coming [from], where they don't want [me] to put myself in jeopardy of getting hurt. I totally understand that. I would never do that, put myself in jeopardy."

We wouldn't say "never." Wrestling in the club seems like a recipe for disaster. But, Gronk did stress that he's almost ready to get back to playing football again.

"I'm doing a lot better, definitely," he said. "Feeling a lot better. My arm is feeling way better than it was during the playoffs and regular season when I broke it."

Awesome. Now, stay off the nightclub stages and stop wrestling!

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[via ESPN Boston]