Many gender barriers have been broken in society in the past few decades, but how many thought it would also be broken in football because of its physicality and how crazy George Carlin made the sport seem? Regardless, history will be made once again this Sunday. Lauren Silberman, a 28-year-old from New York, will become the first woman to ever take part in the NFL Regional Scouting Combine, which will be held in Florham Park, N.J.

She's doing it despite the fact she's never had any level of official football experience. Silberman's kicking experience comes from her time as a soccer player at Wisconsin. She decided to go after the place kicker position after videos of her hitting NFL length field goals hit the Internet. She isn't necessarily playing the gender card, but from the looks of this interview, she's aware of how big the moment is:

I didn't think about my gender when I registered. I just wanted to go out and compete with the best, learn more about the combine process, and, above all, have fun. I am glad that it has focused attention on increasing opportunities for women and am so proud to be able to kick through this open door! I think the NFL should be applauded for giving women a chance. I hope my willingness to put myself out there inspires others to participate as athletes at this level.

She's trying out at the Jets Facility, so hopefully mediocrity isn't contagious. This is history in the making here after all.

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[via USA Today Sports]