If you look at the score from last night's Heat/Cavaliers game—which Miami won 98-95—you'll probably think, "Wow, close game. The Heat struggled, huh?" But, you'd only be half right.

At halftime of the game, the Heat were trailing by 21 points and, at one point during the third quarter, they were down by 27. But, then, LeBron James posted a triple-double (25 points, 12 rebounds, and 10 assists) and the Heat stormed back to keep their winning streak, which now stands at 24 games, intact.

"This was one of the most bizarre, unique days of my life with everything that happened," LBJ said of pulling off the win back in Cleveland. "It was also one of the best comebacks I've ever been a part of."

We would have to agree. Even on a night when the Heat clearly struggled at times, they still managed to find a way to win.

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[via ESPN]