Syracuse's 61-39 lost to Georgetown today not only ended the Orange's season; it may've also signaled the end of an era. Jim Boeheim's team lost by 21 points, and according to this Pro Basketball Talk post, he barely seemed all that upset about it. This was Syracuse's final game in the Big East, and the famed head coach managed to say, "I’m pretty much ready to go play golf someplace. If I was 40 years old, I would be real upset. I’m not 40 years old. That should be obvious.”

Golf talk? That can only mean one thing: retirement. OK, maybe looking forward to playing golf may mean more than one thing, but the article makes a point in noting that Boeheim sounded awfully reflective in the post-game conference:

Throughout his press conference after the game, Boeheim was quite reflective, telling stories from the Big East’s early days and talking wistfully about the times before football ruled all.

The notoriously surly Boeheim even got a chance to needle reporters in the room, saying “I’ll miss some of these press conferences with you people. Everybody’s mad at me for a couple weeks. ‘How can he say that?’ It’s easy. Real easy. I don’t care.”

He may've not straight up said "I'm retiring" in the conference, but his comments certainly sound like he's taken the last ride. Boeheim has been Syracuse's head coach for 37 years and led the Orange to three Final Four appearances, five Big East Tournament Championships, and one NCAA championship.

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[via Pro Basketball Talk]