Earlier today, we pointed out how no one out there—emphasis on no one—thought Florida Gulf Coast University would be where they are right now. And, can you blame them? Until this weekend, no No. 15 seed had ever advanced to the Sweet 16 of the NCAA Tournament. As it turns out, though, there is at least one guy out there who thought FGCU might make it to the Final Four.

That guy's name is Ricky Jay Fredricks. Recently, he teamed up with his roommate to put a $10 bet on FGCU to make it out of their region at the 2013 NCAA Tournament. And now, he is in possession of a betting slip (see a photo of it in the thumbs gallery) that could be worth $10,000 if FGCU is able to knock off Florida on Friday and either Kansas or Michigan on Sunday.

"Would be a nice return on investment," he told ESPN earlier today.

You can say that again. What a gamble.

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[via ESPN]