Gerald Wallace hasn't been shooting very well lately. Actually, that's an understatement. Last night against the Hawks, he went 1-for-7—1-for-7!—on layup attempts during a Nets blowout loss. So, naturally, someone asked him about what he needs to do to get out of his slump moving forward. And, he delivered one of the best quotes we've heard from an NBA player this season.

"Make a shot," he said. "A layup, something. Any f------ thing. F---. Throw trash in a trash can. Anything. See anything go in."

Yes, you read that right. An NBA player said he needs to THROW TRASH IN A TRASH CAN to get better right now. And, with that in mind, we would do anything to see what P.J. Carlesimo has Wallace doing at practice today.

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[via The Brooklyn Game]