The NFL and its concussion problem will not be going away any time soon. No matter how many times they establish new rules to protect the players, an athlete is only one vicious hit away from suffering for the rest of their life. Plus, it doesn't help that at the root of it all, these guys are competitors who will do anything to get back on the field and help their teammates win.

Brian Westbrook was undoubtedly that type of guy and now he's apparently paying for it only two years removed from his playing days. According to the Associated Press, the former Philadelphia Eagles running back cannot "remember names, recall facts or retain new information" and obviously, he is concerned that these issues stem from the concussions he suffered on the field.

At one point in his interview with AP, Westbrook points to a time when he suffered a concussion and thought he was cleared too soon to play. “I thought I took enough time off to rest and recuperate. I thought I was healed completely,” he said. “But I got hit, I got my bell rung. I was out for another few weeks with another concussion.”

And this isn't the only case of former NFL players facing memory issues following their retirement from the league. Such a sad road to go down for the people who acted like incredible warriors every Sunday. 

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[via Pro Football Talk]