The 2012-13 NBA season has been long and, at times, torturous for Dwight Howard. And, he really has no one to blame but himself for it. Time and time again, he's done interviews in which he's said things that have made him look bad as both a person and as a player. So, it's refreshing to read the latest interview that he just did with USA Today writer Sam Amick, in which he discusses the back injury that continues to plague him, the love that he still has for the city of Orlando, and his public perception. It's been a long time—too long, really—since Howard has been portrayed in a positive light and it could go a long way in helping him to rehab his image.

"The more negativity and all that stuff just pounds [on you] and brings you down," Howard says in the interview, "you've got to find ways to lift yourself up and lift everybody else up."

Howard does that with this interview and comes across as a sympathetic character for a change. So, before you throw another shot in his direction, go read the Q&A here. It might (key word: might!) just make you love Dwight Howard again.

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[via USA Today]