DeMarcus Cousins had his worst shooting performance of the 2012-13 NBA season last night. Although he grabbed 13 rebounds and blocked a career-high five shots, he went 1-for-12 from the field and finished with just eight points during a 120-113 Kings loss to the Nuggets. So, when he got pulled from the game at the beginning of the fourth quarter, a fan near the Sacramento bench had something to say to Cousins. But, whatever he said didn't sit real well with the Kings center, who got into a brief war of words with the fan by shouting back at him.

"He said some disrespectful things," Cousins said after the game, "and I had some things to say back. That was it."

That was it. Cousins didn't return to the game and, although Kings coach Keith Smart said it had nothing to do with his exchange with the fan, we're sure it didn't help matters any.

"It's very important that we focus on playing good basketball instead of focusing on the fans," Smart said. "They pay good, hard-earned money to come to a game to do or say whatever they might want to say."

True. So, whether he likes it or not, Cousins needs to be the bigger person in that situation and ignore the fan. Because all he did by responding was make his bad night even worse.

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[via Sacramento Bee]