Over the years, Adrien Broner has worked hard to live up to his nickname, "The Problem." But, last night, he tried a little too hard, and he's going to have to pay the price for it in court.

According to a police report, the star boxer was arrested last night outside of the Miami nightclub LIV shortly after he got into a fight with a fellow patron. But, he didn't get cuffed for the actual fight. Instead, he was taken into police custody after security guards from the club tried to break up the fight between the two men and Broner responded by biting one of the bouncers on the forearm. The other man Michael Ownesby was also arrested for pushing the guards. And, as a result, both of them were hit with misdemeanor simple battery charges.

Broner didn't stop there, though. Shortly after he posted bail and was released from a local jail following the incident, he also put up a photo of his mugshot on Instagram:

They tried to keep a nigga locked down in MIA instagr.am/p/XBGsOvO4YM/

— Adrien Broner (@AdrienBroner) March 18, 2013

He quickly took the photo down. But, the mugshot matched the one that was featured along with his booking information this morning (check it out in the thumbs gallery). So, it sounds like this guy is definitely a "problem" right now. And, as he prepares to fight for the WBA Welterweight title later this year, it's not the kind of problem he's looking for.

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[via CBS]