A couple months ago, a bat flew onto the court during a Providence/Marquette college basketball game and halted play for a few minutes as players ran and ducked for cover. But, that wasn't the case yesterday during a Swiss Super League match in Switzerland. The game was delayed when a weasel-like animal called a marten ran onto the pitch in the middle of the game. But, the players didn't run away from it. Instead, many of them ran towards it in order to try and get it off the field so play could resume. In fact, one FC Zurich player named Loris Benito even managed to tackle it (with a beautiful takedown, by the way!) but got bit on the finger in the process of doing it. Eventually, Zurich's goalkeeper Davide Da Costa managed to snag the marten thanks to his gloves, but not before the thing caused chaos all over the field. See for yourself in the hilarious clip above.

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[via SI]