If you're thinking about buying a car off Craigslist anytime soon, you might want to think again after reading this story. Recently, a 22-year-old man from Chicago agreed to purchase an Infiniti from a man selling the car on the classified ads site. They agreed on a $5,000 price tag and set up a time to sell the car. However, when the man arrived at the seller's home with his girlfriend to pick up the car, the seller didn't present him with a title for the Infiniti. Instead, he brandished a silver handgun and robbed the man and his girlfriend of the cash as well as the man's cell phone, sneakers, and pants.

No arrests have been made yet. But, police are actively pursuing the "seller" and at least two other men who were allegedly involved in the crime. So, let this serve as a lesson for you: If you're gonna buy or sell your car on Craigslist anytime soon, you might want to pick a very, very public place to do it.

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[via Chicago Tribune]