A pregnant woman from Houston just had to have one of her feet amputated after getting hit by a car on purpose—and a serious case of baby mama drama is to blame.

Last Thursday morning, Houston resident Alise Kelly, who is pregnant, was involved in an altercation with another Houston resident named Shareyll Hunter, who is also pregnant. Hunter happens to be pregnant by Christopher Chaney, the same man Kelly is pregnant by right now. So, the altercation occurred after numerous texts and phone calls were exchanged by the women, who clearly do not like each other. And, it reached a boiling point on Thursday when Hunter showed up at Chaney's home, lured Kelly outside, and then jumped into Chaney's Lincoln LS and rammed into her, pinning her between the car and the house and breaking both of her legs.

The situation only got worse from there. After breaking Kelly's legs, Hunter sped off in the car and did not return to the scene. Kelly had to be rushed to the hospital, where doctors were forced to amputate one of her feet. And, Chaney responded to the encounter by offering up one of the most insensitive responses he could come up with when asked about the baby mama drama.

"You think [the hit-and-run] is because of you getting them both pregnant?" a KHOU reporter asked him.

"I mean, I'm handsome," he responded.

SMFH. A tragedy takes place—essentially because of you—your car is used as a weapon against the future mother of one of your children, and that is your response? Double SMFH. What a clown.

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[via KHOU]