Prepare to witness the coolest car chase you've ever seen in your life. Earlier this week, comedian Jeff Dunham pulled out two of the craziest cars in his collection—a Batmobile and a smart car dubbed the BatSmart that was created by the guy who designed the original Batmobile—and started patrolling the streets of Orange County, Calif. And, when he did, a member of the Lamborghini Club Orange County spotted the cars and decided to give chase in a matte-black Lamborghini Aventador. The ensuing "car chase" no doubt turned plenty of heads in the OC and resulted in this video of the Lambo pulling up next to the Batmobile and its little friend:

Pretty cool, huh? If we ever saw this coming down the street, it'd probably be too much for the senses. Peep the thumbs gallery to check out some more photos of the epic chase.

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[via Top Gear]