We've seen our fair share of crazy car accident photos. From cars at the bottoms of swimming pools to cars on top of other cars, people have put their rides into some really, really strange places over the years. And, you can add this car accident photo to the list.

Over the weekend, Robert and Galina Wynn jumped into their Cadillac outside of their Glendale, Calif. home to go get something to eat. But, shortly after Robert put the car into drive, he lost control of the car, sped down an embankment located next to his home, drove through his neighbor's fence, took flight, and landed on a nearby house. An 80-year-old man was inside the house at the time. But, fortunately, no one was injured and the car was later removed from the roof by a crane.

Oh, and you know what makes this story even crazier? Robert's neighbors say it's not the first time he has crashed his car into a neighbor's house. So, not surprisingly, he's going to be given a driving test ASAP to determine whether or not he'll be able to get behind the wheel again.

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[via NBC Los Angeles]