In February we ran through a list of car problems that people should be able to fix themselves. There's no need to hand over money to those thieving mechanics, if you don't need to. These problems included things like faulty spark plugs or a dead alternato, which don't require vast auto knowledge or a massive garage with multiple sets of every tool. 

Once you get past some of these basics, fixing and maintaining a car can quickly take a dive off the deep end into complicated territory that requires great understanding of both the electrical inner-workings and mechanical set up of a vehicle. These are the types of problems that people we call gearheads would understand. They don't make all these fixes on their own, though. They require the help of other mechanical machines and tools that allow them to take proper care of their cars. We're talking about the kind of tools you'd find in Tim Taylor's Ultimate Garage. Don't know what we mean? Take a look at these 25 Tools Every Gearhead Needs

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