Gotta love Twitter. That's where our tip for this absolutely destroyed 2013 Bentley Continental GT came from, thanks to Gary Shteyngart. When we saw the photo, we noticed it had an NYPD van in the back, so we were curious if we could find it. After some super sleuth skills, we figured out it was sitting on 3rd Avenue between 21st and 22nd, so we hopped over to take a few photos. Lucky for us, there was an NYPD property clerk invoice on the windshield that explained a bit of what happened. 

The car, which is worth approximately $175,000-200,000, was involved in a hit and run down on 18th street and 5th ave. The report said the other motorist was taken to the hospital with some back pain. The Bentley was found locked on 15th street, partially sticking out into the road. From there, the cops towed the luxury ride, which has heavy damage to the front end and passenger door, out of the 10th precinct and into the 13th precinct in front of the Copper Door Tavern. 

The document on the windshield said the investigation is currently open, but considering they know the driver of the other car was in the hospital, we don't imagine it'll be too hard to close. 

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[via Gary Shteyngart]