Accomplishments: 4x All-Star
Team(s): Magic, Suns, Knicks, Heat
Currently: Middle school basketball coach 

Plagued by nagging injuries, Penny Hardaway only achieved a fraction of his potential in the league. But even if he maintained his mid-'90s form, his best moves would still be off the court.

Hardaway's returned home to coach and mentor middle school kids that are growing up in the same projects that Penny was raised in. He has donated uniforms, organized meetings with gang members to ensure the safety of his kids, and led the Lester Middle School Lions to a state championship in 2010. 

Last October, he joined Peyton Manning in an ownership group that is poised to take control of the Memphis Grizzlies. And earlier this month, he was nearly involved in a gymnasium-wide brawl between middle school kids, coaches, and parents. It's been a busy few years. Oh, and he has pretty famous Nike sneaker.