Vince Young's money troubles may be even worse than we thought. Although the ex-NFL quarterback continues to say that he's not broke, his former financial adviser Ronnie Peoples revealed otherwise recently. During a videotaped deposition that he gave last month in regards to an ongoing lawsuit that's pitted Young against a loan company called Pro Player Funding LLC, Peoples revealed that, back in 2011, VY spent more than $300,000 on a birthday party for himself. And, as a result, Peoples said Young ended up having to take out a huge seven-figure loan from Pro Player during the NFL lockout.

"I think we still would have been OK to go ahead and survive until the next season," Peoples said under oath, "but he had a birthday event coming up that he paid 300 and some thousand dollars for. That's what prompted that call [to Pro Player]."

Young's lawyer disputes Peoples' account of the birthday party—"I have no idea what he's talking about with the birthday party," he said earlier today, "and neither does Vince"—but the Pro Player loan was taken out just a day before Young's 28th birthday and was allegedly used to pay off some debt that Young had accumulated. During his deposition, Peoples also claimed that all the money that came in and went out at that time was all accounted for.

"We've got accountability to what happened to the money and a breakdown of the money, you know, once that loan closed," he said, "because that was actually reimbursement costs and stuff that Vince had incurred from borrowing money from others."

We're not sure who or what to believe when it comes to Vince Young anymore. But, one thing is clear: This guy did a horrible job handling his money and finding others to help him manage it. And now, it sounds like he's paying the price. Literally.

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[via ESPN]


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