Now, this is what we call putting on for your city! Less than 48 hours after Lil Wayne took a bunch of shots at the Miami Heat during a show in Houston, Uncle Luke just wrote an incredible new column for the Miami New Times. In it, he writes about how he's sick and tired of Weezy taking advantage of Miami.

"Lil Wayne treats Miami like his bitch because people let him," he writes. "When Weezy claimed he was thrown out of the Heat home game versus the Lakers, the franchise tried to downplay the incident, saying they only asked him to leave and he left on his own. That was a bitch move."

And, it only gets worse/more awesome from there! Luke also touches on the time Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg had to cancel a show in Miami because of him back in 1992, how he once chased Spike Lee out of the old Miami Arena, and what he wants rappers like Rick Ross to say to Wayne now that he's throwing shots at Miami. We suggest you read the whole thing immediately. Head over here to do it.

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[via Miami New Times]