Even though it appears as though his eye has healed from the incident, Tony Parker is still moving forward with the $20 million lawsuit that he filed against New York City's W.i.P. nightclub last year after a shard of glass struck him in the eye during the now-infamous melee involving Chris Brown and Drake at the club. And, it appears as though he's going to use Chris Brown's recent fight with Frank Ocean in order to bolster his case.

According to TMZ, Parker's lawyers just filed new legal documents in the $20 million lawsuit. The documents point out that Breezy is clearly not a guy who should have been allowed into W.i.P. last year and that Parker deserves some compensation for all the trouble he had to go through to get his eye fixed in the offseason. That's not all, either. The new documents also make mention of the domestic violence incident that occurred between Breezy and Rihanna a few years back as well. Parker's lawyers are hoping that Brown's past will force the court to rule in his favor.

Will it? We'll just have to wait and see. But, if it does, is it safe to say Chris Brown's partying days are over?

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[via TMZ]