Richard Moriarty just became RIDES' new favorite homeowner. In the true mindset of, "fuck it, I'm rich. Why not?", Moriarty hired Fleetwood Joiner (best name for an architect ever) to help him create a room centered around a 1974 Lamborghini Countach hanging on his wall. The car, which has the full interior, but presumably not the engine, is visible from anywhere in the room, including the outside pool area. The skylight above was designed so that the car could be dropped into the house through the roof by a giant crane. 

The half-million-dollar car isn't the only impressive portion of the house. The three-layered tempered glass staircase underneath the car, for example, took about two years to build and cost another couple hundred thousand dollars. He's also got a wine collection worth about $200,000 right underneath the stairs. Judging by the way Moriarty drinks that thousand-dollar bottle of wine at the end of the video below, we imagine he jams to "Money to Blow" on full blast every single morning. 

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[via GT Spirit]