For those who don't know, Lexus is the luxury division of Toyota. In this high-end division, the LFA supercar, which is no longer being produced, was born. It's a $375,000 V10 monster that has 552 horsepower and can reach 202 mph. While LFA production was getting shut down, Toyota's super (in the everybody-loves-it kind of way, not the high-performance, high-price way) rear-wheel-drive sports car, the GT86, has been flying off lots into tuners' hands.

The most recent rendition of the affordable smile-booster is an ode to the LFA. Done up by the aftermarket magic-makers known as DAMD, the LFT-86 has new bumpers, side vents, a diffuser, and those signature triangle tailpipes. From the front, it's questionable, but we can definitely see it from the rear. 

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[via Car Buzz]