A Bentley Mulsanne costs $296,000, so if you're wanting a Bentley sedan, and you're just rich, not crazy-rich, the Flying Spur is your car. We've known this was coming ever since the Continental GT got its update, but this caught us a little off-guard.

The old Flying Spur was just a bigger Conti with some extra doors, but this one has its own image and design. It straddles the line between the racy but elegant Continental GT and the Mulsanne limo perfectly. It looks like the kind of car that's extremely luxurious, but sporty enough that you'd want to be in the driver's seat. Yes, it looks like what it is, and that's perfect. 

We're assuming that the Flying Spur will feature the same 567 hp W12 and 500 hp V8 engines as the Continenetal GT. 

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[via AutoWP.ru