Sport: Soccer

Gareth Bale's pace and technique, in addition to his finishing in front of goal, have made him one of the most talented players in England. The wingers' ability, or rather inability to stay on his feet, has also made him one of the most controversial. The dainty Welshman had been booked a Premier League leading four times already this season for simulation as of December. For all you non-soccer heads out there, simulation is when a player is deemed to have taken a dive in order to get a free-kick or land an opposing player a card for his challenge. And when it comes to the EPL perhaps there's no one better than Gareth Bale at deceiving referees into making a call. You're too good for these sort of shenanigans, fam. Stay on your feet, and for the love of God bring some respect to yourself and your Tottenham teammates.