Sport: Soccer

A relatively new star among an increasingly crowded galaxy of divers, cheats and crooks, Angel di Maria's rise to stardom with Real Madrid has coincided with his much improved acting skills since his move from Benfica in Portugal. Another winger? What is it about these guys? Di Maria's talents with the ball are almost equal to his ability to persuade referees into conceding free-kicks and brandishing yellow cards like they were going out of style.

He must have learned from his teammate Ronaldo, if you can't get around the man with skill alone, don't be afraid to take a tumble here and there along the way. Di Maria has created the art of almost literally riding a defender to the ground, whether there is a real challenge made or not. Whatever Dani Alves, something tells us you've been on the other end of this more than once in your career. Malo, malo!