Date: 1/25/1987
Super Bowl: XXI
Matchup: Giants vs. Broncos
Location: Pasadena, CA

As the final seconds ticked off the clock on the Giants' 39-20 shellacking of the Broncos in Super Bowl XXI, linebacker Harry Carson carried out a tradition that had been a Giants staple after a big win for the last couple seasons: he dumped a cooler of Gatorade on coach Bill Parcells' head. This time, though, 87.2 million people saw him do it, and he birthed a movement that has branched out into pretty much every single sport on Earth. It has gotten to be so predictable a moment that you can now go on any gambling site before the Super Bowl and bet what the color of the Gatorade will be; this year, clear/water is the favorite, followed by orange or yellow, with green, red and blue bringing up the rear.