It would seem that for all the hype leading up to it, the Super Bowl should invariably disappoint every year. Expectations are always sky high, and for the game’s stars to come through each time weighs the game down with unrealistic projections of glory.

Every year, though, the game manages to deliver at least one incredible, lasting image or moment. There’s something about the big stage that brings out the best in many players, and for them the Super Bowl cements their status as legends in the rich history of the NFL. Like when Marcus Allen ran for a 74-yard touchdown run in Super Bowl XVIII and Adam Vinatieri's game-winning field goal that jump-started the New England Patriots dynasty. Some instead choose to use the Super Bowl as a launching pad to infamy, as their blunders both on and off the field have made them household names for all the wrong reasons. Moments like Barrett Robbins hiatus to Tijuana and Jackie Smith's infamous wide-open dropIf you believe that it’s better to be remembered for something bad than not be remembered at all, these guys might beg to differ.

We took a look at all of these stories of both success and failure, of joy and sorrow, and now give to you the Most Memorable Moments in Super Bowl History.