Trade: Denver Nuggets get Vincent Askew, Eddie Johnson, a 1997 2nd Round Draft pick (Jason Lawson), and a 1998 2nd Round Draft pick (Tremaine Fowlkes); Indiana Pacers get Mark Jackson and LaSalle Thompson.
Date: 2/20/1997

While Reggie Miller stole the headlines for upsetting the Knicks in that infamous 1995 playoff series between Indiana and New York, it was the steady play of former Knicks guard Jackson that helped key the Pacers to a series victory. After a few good years with Indiana, Jackson was traded to the Nuggets during the '96 offseason for reasons we'll never understand. After a lackluster 25-27 start the Pacers decided to re-acquire Jackson and barely gave anything up to get him. Denver could've at least asked for a first rounder or a young player. After Jackson came back, the Pacers made the Eastern Conference Finals twice, finally reaching the Finals in 2000. Mama there goes that man!