Years Played: 1977-1988
All Time Stats: 12,739 Rushing Yards, 77 Rushing TDs, 4.3 Yards Per Carry
Accolades: 4x Pro Bowler, 1x All-Pro

Before Herschel and Emmitt's runs in big D, there was one, Tony Dorsett. The first thing that pops in your head when you think of Dorsett is probably the ridiculous 99 yard run for a score on Monday night. A feat that's amazing on it's own, but even better when you find out he did it without his fullback who screwed up on the play and left them with ten men, and that they had multiple attempts at getting him down. He definitely gave the world some highlights during his time in the NFL, and also was the first player to win an NCAA title and then immediately win the Super Bowl the year after. #respect