Years Played: 1965-1971
All Time Stats: 4,956 Rushing Yards, 39 Rushing TDs, 5.0 Yards Per Carry
Accolades: 4x Pro Bowler, 5x All-Pro

Now we know the stats don't jump out at you, but it's hard to really gage just how good Gale Sayers was if we just look at him as a running back. Sayers was one of the best all around football players of all time where he was not only an elite running back, but also a solid pass catching receiver, and arguably the best kick returner ever (Devin Hester may disagree). He was the ultimate weapon for the Bears with his ridiculous speed and elusiveness which made him a human highlight reel before there were even highlights. Had he not suffered from some knee injuries who knows where Sayers would land all time as far as the numbers go, but if you run across some youtube clips of him you'll see why he's up here.