Despite today's NFL game being all about QB's throwing for thousands of yards and rushing attacks usually being a committee affair, the running back position has had some all time great athletes. The latest example being the Minnesota Vikings Adrian Peterson winning MVP and Offensive Player of the Year honors over Peyton Manning. The running back is one of those positions everybody's just not made for. You take a ton of hits, you rarely get the love a QB does, and you're asked to be arguably be the most versatile man on the field without most fans noticing it.

In light of Peterson's amazing season, we've put together a list of the 20 best gridiron warriors at the RB slot. We've got Emmitt with his crazy longevity, we've got Barry and his ungodly dancing in the backfield, and we've got AD and his recent run of dominance. These are all the guys who defenses pissed their pants about the night before the game. Lets get it, here are The 20 Greatest Running Backs in NFL History.