Late last night, a TMZ cameraman caught up with Sean Kingston and Soulja Boy outside of a convenience store in Los Angeles and talked to them about Super Bowl XLVII. During the conversation, SB admitted to putting $200,000 on the Ravens to beat the 49ers. And, why was he so confident in the underdog? Was it because of the Ravens D? The fact that the 49ers were running with a quarterback who had only started 10 games in his young career? Some insider info that only Soulja knew?

Nope. Instead, SB admitted that he bet the Ravens because—get this—that's the team that he likes to play with whenever he plays Madden 13. Ummm…okay? $200K on the basis of that? Congrats. But, just a piece of advice for Soulja: That definitely doesn't sound like a winning formula moving forward. Enjoy the new car, though!

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[via TMZ]