Olivier Francois is the Chrysler group's Chief Marketing Officer, and he was named Adweek Magazine's "Grand Brand Genius" for is use of television ads that we're all still talking about, like the "Halftime in America" ad. This year, his babies were a Jeep ad that celebrated the company's military roots, and this Ram ad that featured the late Paul Harvey's reading of the essay "God Made a Farmer." The ad was so powerful that is has accomplished quite a few things already:

  • It made "Dodge" trend on Twitter, because people still haven't figured out that Ram is a separate brand now.
  • Traffic on the Ram website went up by a factor of ten. 
  • Dealers report more people than ever are in Ram showrooms.
  • Ram promised to donate $100,000 to Future Farmers of America for every million views on YouTube, and has already reached its $1,000,000 goal. 

This is why Francois is a brand genius, not only did he get Americana brownie points for helping farmers, but he probably just taught millions that Ram is a separate brand now.

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[via The Detroit News]