Mario Balotelli has only been with AC Milan for about a month now, but he's already been the victim of two different incidents involving racism. The first came earlier this month when AC Milan's vice president Paolo Berlusconi referred to Balotelli as "the family's little n-----" during a political speech. And, as if that wasn't bad enough, the second came yesterday during a match against Balotelli's former club Inter Milan when Inter fans waved inflatable bananas and shouted racist remarks at Balotelli throughout the game. But, in both situations, Balotelli handled himself remarkably well, including yesterday when he simply signaled for the Inter fans to quiet down when they started trying to bait him into reacting to their chants.

"Balotelli did very well not to react to the provocations," AC Milan manager Massimiliano Allegri said after the match ended 1-1. "I'm just sorry he wasn't able to score…Let's not forget that he's 22 years old and he was playing against his former squad. It's to be expected that he felt pressure for the match."

Say what you want about Balotelli, but he definitely doesn't deserve to be treated the way the Inter fans treated him. We're just glad he reacted to it the way he did.

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[via ESPN FC]