Sooooooo, safe to say Mario Balotelli didn't enjoy his time with Manchester City? Earlier today, he held a press conference to talk about the move that was made earlier this week to send him from Man City to A.C. Milan, and he was asked, "What are the bad things that have left a bad impression [of England]?" And, he most definitely did not hold back when he answered.

"The press first," he said. "The weather. The food. The way I'd like you drive…No, that's it."

Hmmm….okay. And, a few minutes later, he proved just how much he disliked the press when a reporter from The Sun tried to sneak in a question.

"Listen, your newspaper from when I get to England always talk bad about me," he said. "So I don't want to speak with your newspaper. Sorry."

Hey, at least he said, "Sorry," right?! Maybe this guy really is turning over a new leaf. Also: No mention of hating this?! C'mon, man!

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[via Dirty Tackle]