The Oklahoma City Thunder were the victims of a home-court disadvantage last night. Although they have some of the best fans in the NBA, LeBron James says one fan in particular motivated him to go on a tear in the second quarter of last night's Heat/Thunder game and drop 10 points in less than two minutes. After the game, LBJ revealed that the fan—who turned out to be University of Oklahoma center Gabe Ikard—was sitting near the court and kept trying to talk trash to him and get him to force up shots. So, he did. But, unfortunately for the fan, those shots kept going in.

"He told me to shoot it," James said of Ikard. "He said, 'Shoot it, you can't shoot.' So, I said, OK. So, I shot it. And, I made it. And, I made another one. And, I made another one. And, he stopped talking to me."

SMH. It was a good effort by Ikard. But, clearly, it backfired in a big way and helped the Heat defeat the hometown Thunder. Next time, he should probably just shut up. LBJ doesn't need anymore motivation.

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[via Thunder Rumblings]