A little more than a day after saying that he was thinking about putting an end to his new ritual of throwing down crazy dunks during pre-game warmups, LeBron James just announced that he will not be grounding his aerial assault anytime soon. His reasoning? He's not going to let a few people who told him to stop keep him down.

"I don't do it for anyone besides our team," he said earlier today. "I don't care—I get criticized for everything. That's a small thing on my agenda, is that I'm getting criticized for what I do in warmups. Stop it."

King James also reiterated the fact that he doesn't feel the need to enter the Slam Dunk Contest. And, he also talked about how he decides which dunks to do during warmups.

"I don't need props, capes, cheerleaders, and flight attendants to walk out with me," he said. "I just do it. Like, in a game, if you throw a lob, I'll just figure it out while I'm in the air."

We look forward to seeing plenty more of it in the future.

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[via True Hoop]