It's general knowledge that you don't want to have visible tattoos during a job interview. However, the NFL Combine isn't your normal job interview, and Jesse Williams isn't your average guy. Williams is an Australian defensive tackle from Alabama who's slated to go really high in the draft, and the man really loves his tattoos. The highlights of his body art includes: "fear is a liar" on his scalp, a smiley face tattoo on his earlobe, and most importantly, YOLO next to his left ear.

Of course, journalists had to ask what the tattoos were about. Williams responded by saying, "I don't really think too highly of people who disagree with tattoos. It's pretty common nowadays. It's how people show their interior by displaying it on their exterior. For me, it's simple reminders about my family and what I come from. They mean a lot to me and get me through a lot of tough situations."

Can't hate on the reply, especially when you have tattooed stars like Colin Kaepernick doing their thing. At least his questions were easier to answer than Manti Te'o's.

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[via USA Today]