Where's The Beef?: In 2004, LA Lakers center Shaq dissed Virginia rapper Skillz (formerly Mad Skillz) on DJ Sickamore's "Drop Another Day" mixtape: "I don't care how mad your skills is, you can't serve me. You don't like Deez? Take off my throwback jersey!" The attack came out of nowhere, though some people theorized that Shaq was taking Kobe's back after the Virginian made light of his rape case on "The Rap Up 2004." Rapping-ass rapper that he is, Skillz promptly released "Street Wars: The Finals (Skillz vs. Shaq)," a mixtape almost entirely devoted to dissing the Diesel with lines like "99 free throws and you won't hit one, when you at the foul line, I feel bad for you, son!" That's how you cross the (free throw) line!