Rappers want to be athletes and athletes want to be rappers. There is a mutual respect between the two, both parties seem to respect what each other does for a living. You'll catch rappers courtside of NBA games or front row at a prize fight, just as much as you'll see an athlete get into their zone listening to their favorite rapper, or in some cases try to rap themselves. We all know rappers seem to stay in some beef, and with the two worlds of athletics and music slowly coming more and more intertwined, it was only a matter of time that the two worlds would collide and start some beef.

Over the years, we've seen our fair share of athletes and rappers beefing about one thing or another. Remember when Benzino's crew stabbed Paul Pierce? Or how about the DeShawn Stevenson beef with Jigga over LeBron? Those were pretty memorable. So, where does the most recent athlete/rapper beef between Lil Wayne and Chris Bosh stack up compared to the ones mentioned? Only time will tell. Check out: Foul Shots! When Athletes Get Involved In Rap Beef.