Is somebody who wraps a Lamborghini Gallardo in purple and gold tiger stripes a genius, passionate fan? Or is he just an idiot? We wouldn't go so far as to insult him like that, beause, in all fairness, we've all done some pretty weird shit, too. Our weird decisions just aren't rolling around town on four wheels for everybody to see. The owner is Don Domingue, and in an interview with SB Nation, he had this to say: 

"I drove it a while, and saw the yellow when I was watching a football game and noticed that the helmet color was the same color as my car, and I just put two and two together. I thought my car would look cool with some purple tiger stripes if I took it to the game. Just so happened we had three home games in a row coming up--Alabama, Mississippi State, and Ole Miss--and I thought I'd put the stripes on, go to the home games, and then after a few months take 'em off. I didn't realize the reaction they would get. Nobody wanted me to take the stripes off after that."

So, is this going to be used as a recruitment tool?  Check out the full interview here

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[via SB Nation]