Staff Member: Tony Markovich

"An Acura Integra was a car that I started wanting the first day that I had the Saturn. There was just something appealing about the exterior that I found really unique, and I knew that it would be a car to work on and learn from. Unfortunately, they're extremely hard to find in good condition and without a million miles on them.

I remember going to the dealership with my dad for a second time to look at it. The dealer wouldn't come down to $3,000 total the first time, so I wasn't too hopeful. When we got to the lot, we were standing at the car, and my dad handed me the key. He'd worked out the deal without me even knowing. It was also the first car that I learned to drive stick on, so I was pretty broken up, when somebody pulled out at an intersection, slammed my driver's-side front panel and bent Jackie's (yeah, that was her name) frame. Totalled."