Staff Member: Lisa Parisi

"Well, I remember seeing it online my junior year of college in Baltimore. I had a stash of money/inheritance and needed a car to get around the city (Baltimore is not exactly walkable), so I had my parents check it out and buy it for me in NY.

The car was totally in pristine condition. It was hunter green outside and had immaculate tan leather interior that was immaculate. At the time the six-disc CD player was HUGE, but it was in the trunk of the car. Whenever I would hit a bump in the road it would skip and the song would cut out. I'm pretty sure I listened to The Killers first album, Hot Fuss, on constant skip/repeat in that car. It lasted many years until it finally started having issues with the fuel gauge and transmission, so i sold it. I miss it, though. It was definitely my favorite car out of all the ones I've had."