Staff Member: Nick Engvall

"Picked this car up for really cheap, because it was a theft recovery and was missing a ton of parts. I didn't intend for it to become what it did. I redid the suspension and reduced the weight of it by taking out anything that wasn't needed. Then, I got the crazy idea to redo the interior in Jordan Elephant Print (I'm a sneakerhead!).

This was before putting crazy patterns in your interior was popular, so it was quite the challenge to get the material. In fact, it was actually done from about 3-4 t-shirts, cut to fit. I used dark grey on light grey for the higher wear panels and light grey on dark grey for the rest. A pair of racing seats and detachable steering wheel were installed. The carpet was refreshed with a black update and new pedals were installed. Above the rearview mirror I installed an APEXi Air/Fuel controller. I didn't have a stereo in the car, so I set up an iPod adapter in the glove box for the times I wanted music. Once all of this stuff was done to the car, it had to be taken to the race track.

My brother and I took it to Laguna Seca in Monterey, California. The suspension on the car was set up perfectly and a set of Kosei K1 wheels with Toyo RA-1s had guys in M5s and Vettes coming up to us between sessions asking if the car was turboed or supercharged. It was awesome to see the look on their faces, when we told them it was just bolt-ons and really good suspension. I never really wanted to get rid of this car, because it was such a great car, but I just couldn't justify having 3 cars. My sister ended up buying it from me and still drives it to this day."